relaxation, hosting on boat and sailing in Caribbeans

Namaste! Relaxocean, association and sharing of wellness, invites you to three meetings with yourself. Enjoy massages and meditation, live simply on a boat and share the pleasure of sailing with other travellers.

Relax: discover, receive or practice relaxation massages, reflexology, Janzu water healing, Yoga, meditation, Tantra.

Xo: have a natural break in the simplicity of welcome, openness to other people, exchange with locals and friendship on a sailboat in marina or at anchor in a lagoon.

Ocean: Participate in passion for sea and for sailing with kindness, freedom and respect for non profit spirit of boat pooling.

massages bien-être relaxation aquatique Janzu et développement sensoriel


let your head down:

wellness massages and water meditation


bienvenue à bord du bateau à quai ou à l'ancre dans le lagon, une journée, une nuit ou plusieurs


have a break:

hosting on a boat

co-voiturage en voilier pour une traversée nature ou un voyage à thème dans les Caraïbes


cast off:

sailing with friends like carpooling


Relaxocean is based on a non-profit billing system. This is a conscientious attempt to respect one other's feeling and financial means. To preserve the liberty and creativity of everyone. The activities are open to all wave lovers: waves of massages, hugs, consciousness and ocean. Welcome on board!