relaxation, hosting on boat and sailing in Caribbeans

Namaste! Relaxocean, association and sharing of wellness, invites you to three meetings with yourself. Enjoy massages and meditation, live simply on a boat and share the pleasure of sailing with other travellers.

relax : discover, receive or practice relaxation massages, reflexology, Janzu water healing, Yoga, meditation, Tantra.

xo : have a natural break in the simplicity of welcome, openness to other people, exchange with locals and friendship on a sailboat in marina or at anchor in a lagoon.

ocean : Participate in passion for sea and for sailing with kindness, freedom and respect for non profit spirit of boat pooling.

massages bien-être relaxation aquatique Janzu et développement sensoriel


wellness massages and water meditation:

let your head down


bienvenue à bord du bateau à quai ou à l'ancre dans le lagon, une journée, une nuit ou plusieurs


hosting on a boat:

have a break

co-voiturage en voilier pour une traversée nature ou un voyage à thème dans les Caraïbes


sailing with friends like carpooling:

cast off


For massages and relaxations relaxocean offers you a free donation pricing. This is a conscientious attempt to respect one other's feeling and financial means. To preserve the liberty and creativity of everyone. "What is right for you is right for me".


For hosting and sailboat pooling relaxocean leaves you free to participate in part of the costs, lower than the total cost to respect the spirit of carpooling, or to share some time to help maintain the boat, or simply to bring your good mood with the pleasure of being together on the water.


Welcome to Caribbean well-bein: this a place where different cultures have coexisted for centuries, each of them with their own wisdom, resulting in a community that is skilled in the art of "living well together". Continents in their endless conficts can be relational deserts whereas islands, oases in the world's biggest desert, the ocean, are concentrated spots of pacifism where you can meet calmly with yourself and others.